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Fiber Cement Siding

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Fiber Cement SidingFiber Cement Siding Installation: People looking for new siding should look for fiber cement siding. Practical and Eco-friendly, Fiber cement siding is an option that will increase your home value, where vinyl, wood, and aluminum couldn’t match. Examples how:

Insect and Fire Resistant

The Fiber Cement Siding will avoid burn because there is a no flame-spread index and no smoke-development number. It also protects from insects


There should be no worry about warping, rotting, cracking or color fading. Because Fiber cement siding shall be the answer to all those problems. It can handle all extreme weather conditions such as, humidity, frost, snow, and rain.

Eco- Friendly

There is a lot of waste product that is created by the construction industry, but most manufacturers use recycled and products that are sustainable to create fiber cement siding. The materials used to create most fiber cement siding items contain non-toxic ingredients and asbestos free

Provides an ROI

Bottom line here is, that Fiber cement siding is a wise investment. Long term costs get reduced because of how long it lasts, when one is talking about replacing siding and also has been seen to increase the value of a home. It is a 25 percent better return when choosing Fiber cement siding over adding another bathroom and will cost less money to complete! You can also save money on the costs of heating and cooling because fiber cement siding replicates another layer of insulation.

Fiber cement is the perfect case when it comes to sustainability, but it is also much more than that.